16. Secret Agent 3-Z
A mysterious attacker sprays World Leaders with a primitive
gas that changes them into babies or monkeys. His plot is to
control the World. Rion, the son of President Pudge enlists
the help of Astro Boy.

  episode16   episode16b   episode16c  
17. The Haunted Ship
Astro Boy visits a carnival fun house with his friend Specs.
Specs is frightened by the scary tricks and now Astro wants
to feel the emotion of fear. Dr. Elefun gives Astro a heart that will last for one day. Durning this time Astro has to save
an ocean liner from a ghost ship. His fear ends just in time to
save everyone.
episode17 episode17b episode17c

18. Time Machine
A mysterious ship crashes near Mr. Pompous's home. In the
space ship is Teddy Tyme. He has been searching for his
father who used the Time Machine for evil proposes. Astro joins Teddy, goes back it time and convinces Father Tyme to
change for the good.

episode18 episode18b episode18c

19. The Cosmic Giant
Dr Elefun and Astro discover a disassembled giant robot.
Following assembly instructions, found with the robot, a
plot to take over the Earth is also discovered. Astro battles
the robot and wins by tricking the robot.

episode19 episode19b episode19c
20. Toxor, The Mist Man
While in Earth orbit Doctor Bolt, astronaut/adventurer,
caputured cosmic "fireflies" that were actually Mist Men.
The Mist Men invaded his brain and returned to Earth to invade the minds of all men and conquer the Earth. Dr Elefun creates a huge vacuum and Astro sends them back into space.
episode20 episode20b episode20c

21. Satellite R-45
R-45 is a huge Spaceport in The Milky Way. While on the Spaceport Astro Boy encounters venders selling stolen items.
The Master Smuggler, Trickum, is the leader in this illegal
operation. Astro shuts down the selling of stolen goods and once again saves the day.

episode21a episode21b episode21c

22. Sea-Serpent Isle
Astro Boy finds a bottle washed ashore, with a note in it, asking for rescue of a "Princess Papaya Petal". The isle is man made and appears and disappears like a submarine.
Astro, in his rescue attempt. is captured but escapes and completes his mission.

episode22a episode22b episode22c
23. The Deadly Flies
A strange epidemic hits the city causing people to fall into comas. Flies that were exposed to atomic radiation became deadly mutants and were the cause of the epidemic. Astro wipes out the breeding grounds of the mutant flies; fights off robot guards that were created by a ruthless criminal.
episode23a episode23b episode23c
24. Kingdom Of The Sea
Astro Boy and Dr Elefun are confornted by a robot swathed in a trench coat. The robot demands they go with him to an unknown kingdom under the sea. Upon reaching the kingdom they discover a city of robots.
The robots want to wipe out humans and ask Astro Boy to join them. After a contest to prove humans created robots it is revealed that the robots are actually bombs.
episode24a episode24b episode24c

25. The Strange Birthday Present
Dr Elefun gives Astro Boy a little sister, named Astro Girl. Astro Girl wished to be in two places at the same time and an eccentric inventor gave her a way to have a double. This double wasn't like the orginal and became involved in wrong doings.The Institute of Science and Astro save Astro Girl and all ends well.

episode25a episode25b episode25c

26. Don Tay's Infernal Machine
Don Tay's ancestors where exploited by cruel conquistadors. He swore to get revenge one day. Don Tay created a robot, Ferno, that could melt anything. Astro Boy defeats Ferno with a freezing device built by Dr Elefun.

episode26a episode26b episode26c
27. Pearl People
An underwater dam, being built my the Institue of Science is destroyed. Astro investigates and discovers a large bed of oysters. These oysters came from another planet. The construction noise from the dam being built disturbed the oyster causing them to create a huge whirlpool. Astro convinced the oysters to stop the attack and helped the Pearl People return to space for a long voyage home.
episode27a episode27b episode27c

28. The Wacky Machine
Professor I.Q. Plenty invented a Robot Wacky Inducer with the intention to make troublesome robots harmless. The Professor tries to blackmail Dr Elefun for 80 million dollars saying he would disable the machine and not use it on all robots, including Astro Boy. Periodally the machine had to be shut down for 120 seconds. Durning the shut down Astro destroys the machine.

episode28a episode28b episode28c
29. Memory Day
Memory Day is celebrated once a year in honor of family members that are on long voyages in space. A robot is built in the likeness of these people. Astro volunteers to be a double for a family's son. Astro soon finds out that the boy really disappeared in a time machine accident and his brother is involved with crimianls. He rescues the boy, who was in limbo of  Time Forgotten, and saves the other from a life of crime.
episode29a episode29b episode29b

30. The Super Duper Robot
A strange rocket crashes on Earth. First on the scene is Professor BooBoo. He finds plans to build a super robot. Dr Elefun partially builds the robot and leaves his laboratory. Astro Boy and Astro Girl alone in the lab accidentally complete the assembly of the robot. Astro Boy realizes the robot is too dangerous and removes it's head and hides it in order to shut down the robot.

episode30a episode30c episode30b