1. Birth of Astro Boy
In 2000 A.D. Dr. Boynton creates Astro Boy in the
image of Astor, Dr. Boynton's son killed in an accident.
Later he is disappointed in Astro's imperfections and
disowns him.  Astro is saved by Dr.Elefun from the
Robot Circus.
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2. Colosso
Colosso, a giant robot, becomes the pawn of criminals.
Astro Boy captures the criminals and Colosso is returned
to the institute. In the mean time Astro's parents are created.
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3. Expedition To Mars
Astro Boy leads the second expedition to Mars. His crew
rebels when his chief officer refuses to take orders from
a robot.  Eventually the crew helps Astro in his fight against
the invasion of aliens from outer space.
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4. The Sphinx
Astro is tricked into searching for a desert treasure.  He
fights and defeats the sphinx, but learns he was tricked and
the sphinx was really protecting Dr. Snow and his experi-
ments. The villains are apprehended in the end.
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5. Cross Island
Dr. Sinister plans to take over Cross Island which is rich in
Uranium. He has given a mischievous robot, Bobo, super
powers. Astro Boy defeats Bobo, captures the criminals and
Dr. I M Sinister reforms.
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6. Grass Boy
Astro Boy meets a boy, Lodar, from the planet Zykobee.
Flying saucers from Zykobee have come to Earth to drain
the lakes for water. With Dr. Elefun's help Astro Boy defeats
the invaders. Lodar has a new home.
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7. Zero, The Invisible Robot
Zero Robot, a blend of Etheric Resin with Clear Plastic, can
only be seen with polarized light. Fearless Fred Fenk uses Zero for robbery. Astro Boy once again battles another robot. Defeating Zero at a cost, Astro reassess his role in fighting villians.

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8. Silver Comet
Tommy Speed enters the World Champion Motor Car Race.
The night before the race his car, the Silver Comet, destroyed by hoodlums.  He rebuilds his race car and wins
the race with Astro Boy's help.  Astro Boy helped by stopping the traps that were laid out for Tommy.
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9. Hullabaloo Island
Hullabaloo Island was created by Doctor Magico. It was an
amusement park with a Fairy Tale castle that really cover an
arsenal of weapons. Dr Magico planned to take over the
world. Dr Elefun and Astro become suspicious and foil the
evil plan.
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10. The Spirit Machine
In a land called Shangri-Lee a dictator rose to power. Known
to his enemies as the Mad Hatter he trusted no one. To solve
this need to do everything himself he captured Dr Elefun. Dr
Elefun was to make duplicates of the Mad Hatter. Astro Boy
rescues Dr Elefun and the Spirit Machine is destroyed.
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11. Strange Voyage
An Asteroid hits a spaceship that Astro Boy is travelling in.
An emergency landing on an asteroid is made. Louie the Lug
is one of the passengers. An ancient shipwreck is discovered
along with diamonds. A fight over the diamonds ensues and
Astro turns things around for the better. Louie becomes a
"nice guy" in the end.

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12. The Artifical Sun
Years ago Dr Elefun built a devic., An artifical sun to be used for a good purpose. Elia Belial stole this device and used it to
melt anything that gave him money and power. Once again
Astro Boy comes to the rescue and destroys The Artifical
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13. The Deep Freeze
Sharky Dirk and his criminal pals hide in the North Pole in
an underground secret base. Sharky hates all robots and desrtroys them with a weapon. Astro Boy confronts Sharky
unmasks him and descovers Sharky is a boy robot. Astro
reunites him with his mother robot and all is well.


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14. One Million Mammoth Snails
Professor Nutty Fruitcake grows giant fruits and vegetables.
One day he breeds giant snails thinking they would be harm-
less, one million snails to be exact.  The snails fill the mount-
ain side and overflow into cities. Astro Boy solves the problem and destroys the snails with common table salt.
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15. Gangor, The Monster
Gangor the Monster was created by Patch, an arch-criminal.
Gangor was made from 47 robots that could assemble into
one giant centipede. Patch used Gangor to commit crimes.
Astro Boy fights and defeats the monster Gangor.
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