31. Mysterious Cosmic Rays
Astro Boy and Dr. Elefun become involved with Dr. Gray
Dorian. Dr Dorian is a man in his eightys but looks only half his age. He discovered a life giving force while living on Mars but now back on Earth he begins to age. To stop the aging process he drains life from other living creatures. He then changes into a monster that Astro defeats.
  episode31   episode31   episode31  
32. The Moon Monsters
Moon Monsters capture Dr. Elefun and Earth's Junior Squadron.  The Monsters intend to conquer Earth. A Mysterious girl must overcome an electronic brain and help rescue the Junior Squadron with Astro's help.
episode32 episode32 episode32
33. The Three Magicians
A magician robot named MISTER ABRA KADABRA was invented by Impresario J.C. Tenpecent. The robot is able to be in two places at the same time. On stage doing magic and stealing Museum masterpieces of art at the same time. Astro once again solves the case.

episode33 episode33 episode33
34.The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
Several monsters have been spotted near Lake Foggy Bottom. Huge prehistoric reptiles with hypnotic venom. Astro Boy finds the reptiles lair, destroys them and saves Mankind from being enslaved.
episode34 episode34 episode34
35. Planet X
Four strangers receive a note telling them to meet at a park. Astro Boy had sent the note so he could tell them they were really on Planet X. They had been transported while unconscious by Planet X creatures. It was all a recreation, in order to study Earth people.
episode35 episode35 episode35
36. The Elixir Of Life
Professor Nafsu invents the Elixir of Life. Making a man immortal.  Professor Nafsu is kidnapped by a man posing as the High Priest of Order of Bali. Astro Boy stops the evil plot to steal the formula and switches the bottle with harmless castor oil.
episode36 episode36 episode36

37. Astro Boy Goes To School
Astro Boy and Astro Girl go to school to learn the appreciation of the wonders of nature.All the students are robots. Astro Girl, her friend Lalla and the school teacher, Miss Lisa are all captured by Al McAnic. McAnic hates beauty and wants to make everything useful. He plans to destroy all three but Astro comes to the rescue.

episode37 episode37 episode37
38. The Asteroid Menace
Asteroid Medusa is on a collision course to Earth. The plan is to send a rocket to intercept the asteroid and setoff an anti-proton bomb. The knowledge to detonate the bomb was in the hands of three scientist, now criminals. As the rocket neared the asteroid the scientist-criminals try to take over the ship in order to head for another planet and escape.
episode38 episode38 episode38
39. The Mysterious Cat
Housing developements are destroying the wood lands. All the animals launch an attack against mankind.  Astro Boy investigates and discovers that Professor Greenthumb is behind the animals attack. He is a dedicated naturalist and found a way to communicate with the animals.
episode39 episode39 episode39
40. The Abominable Snowman
Dr Elefun and other scientist go on an expedition to the Himalayas searching for The Abominable Snowman. Sam Caesar, an insane ruler created a robot in the likeness of The Abominable Snowman. The robot was to protect Caesar's hidden city while he plotted to take over the world.
episode40 episode40b episode40
41. Deadline To Danger
A plane crashes into the ocean.  This plane was carrying the dreaded X-Bomb. Astro Boy's job was to find the bomb and prevent the timed fuse from setting off an explosion that would flood all the continents of Earth.
episode41 episode41 episode41
42. The Island Of Mystery
Hidden on one of the far off Islands of Boolaboo is a space ship.  This ship was left on Earth by space travellers.The Sneer gang goes after the space ship and capture Astro and Dr. Elefun in the process. Astro once again saves the day, but the ship explodes and it's secrets are lost.
episode42 episode42 episode42
43. Ditto
Knobby Knobody is a robot with only the lower part of a body. He is from the Land Of Goshen and needs Astro Boy's help.   There lives the evil Prince Upley, the inventor of Ditto. Astro, taken hostage and rendered helpless, is saved by Mr. Pompous just in time to right the wrongs.
episode43 episode43 episode43
44. Cleopatra's Heart
While on a train trip Astro Boy and Mr .Pompous meet a stranger.  This man has a large heart-shaped jewel, called "Cleopatra's Heart". Astro and Mr. Pompous are asked to keep it safe.  Soon after, Astro and Mr. Pompous are chased by the Crimson Brotherhood.  They want the jewel. Astro fights off the Brotherhood and power mad scientist Rasburton.
episode44 episode44 episode44
45. Return Of Cleopatra
Rasburton returns to the Nile with a new Cleopatra.  Astro Boy investigates, is ambushed by a colossal robot and disabled.  In the end Astro and the robot, that turns against Rasburton, defeat him and his evil plot.
episode45 episode45 episode45