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issue #20: "The Return of the Mammoth Car"
Racer-X and Speed battle with the Mammoth Car and Lo Kung.

issue #21: Chapter 1 "Here He Comes" Chapter 2 "A Demon on Wheels"
Racer-X is invited by a fortune teller to see a future that might be possible.

issue #22: Chapter 3 "Chasing After Someone"
Racer-X continues to see a posibble future where drivers are injured in a race, Spridle is a grown man and Trixie is injuried.
Chapter 4 "Like He's Never Coming Back" Speed dies in a race. In the end Rex remembers nothing the fortune teller said.

issue #23: Continuing the story line from issue #20.
Now racing in The American Rally. Speed goes under cover to bust a drug king.  part 1

issue #24: " Chicago Challenge"
Still on the trail of the drug smugglers Speed exposes the driver of the Satin Turana. She eludes capture.

issue #25: Showdown in San Diego"
Speed and The Go-Team visit the Comic-Con.  Speed, being tired finds a place to nap. He dreams they are Super Heroes and capture the drug smugglers. He wakes in time to find Inspector Detector is about to close in on the smugglers.


           Speed Racer Special Issue. Lots of info, specs and nice illustrations.         

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