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14."The Song of Space"
Dr Zin hijacks Jonny, Bandit, and Dr Quest to outer space to help the villainous scientist retrieve a mysterous container.

15."The Sins of Zin"
In this first half of a two part story, we flash back in time to see the first meeting of Benton Quest and the evil Dr Zin.

16. "Plague"
Without warning everyone in the entire city is turning into a werewolf including a member of the Quest team.



17. "Another Stuart Production"
Dr Quest and family take off for a paradise island vacation, only to findthat what awaits them is no holiday.

18."Bannon's Last Case"With the Quest family out of town, Race goes solo and plays detective. He is caught is a web or foreign intrigue and whodoneits!

19. "Lesson One"
Jonny and Hadji are taught that there is mor to life thaat adventure and excitment. Dr Dharma opens the door to their spirital conciousness.






20. "Time Storm"
Benton goes it alone while attempting to tetrieve stolen plutonium. A mysterious friend from the future confirms his failure and reveals the horrible consequences.

21."Here There Be Dragons"
Race Bannon returns to Lansdown Corners, his childhod home.Race wrestles with dragons from the past and a real one as well.

22. "Vantage Point"
It's the film of the century with some special guest stars.

23."The Prisoner of Starkgrau"
Two part story with Benton changing places with a double.

24. "The Prisoner of Starkgrau"
Benton has switched places with a prince in order to protect the throne froom the evil Duke Hubert.25. "

25. "Butch"
A new Bandit solo story features everyone's best friend lost in the streets of the city.

26. "Reputation"
Held cap[tive by a mad dictator, Race relates some of the adventures of the Quest team and how they got their reputation.

27. "Wilderness"The Quest II crash
lands in the Canadain tundra. Race is injured and jonny has to survive using his wits.






28. "Kings of the West"
The Quests go west to a dude ranch. Jezebel Jade and Wild Jim Cannon guest star in part one of the story.

29. "Kings of theWest"
Race faces off against the nefarious Boss Swenson in an old fashion showdown.

30. "The Invisible Monster"
The Quest team respond to a distress call from a fellow scientist. Flying disks, rocket packs, and other favorite gizmos.

31. "Social Work"
The series concludes with this issue. Kathy Martin takes Jonny and Hadji with her to see what a typical day is like.