Osamu Tezuka (1929 - 1989)
Although a university graduate with a physician's license
Osamu Tezuka chose and devoted his life to animation and comics.
His work was vast.  Over 500 titles and 1,000 different characters.

His works are known internationally and he is regarded as a national  treasure of Japan.
In 1973 Tezuka's studio, Mushi Productions, went bankrupt
and Tezuka lost all his personal creations ("Kimba," "The
Amazing Three," "The Monkey King").
The Atom films were confiscated as part of the settlement.
All the original Astro Boy Film Master's have been lost.
Any intact copies left are in private collections and in the
archives of The Right Stuff International, Inc.


  "Comics are an internationl language.  They can cross boundaries and generations.  Comics are a bridge between all cultures."  - Osamu tezuka
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other characters by Tezuka

Mighty Atom calendar art
Osuma Tezuka
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cover art work of Mighty Atom Manga
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The many characters created by Osuma Tezuka