Soaring high in the sky
He may be small, but only in size.
Astro Boy, Astro Boy.
He is brave and gentle and wise.
Stronger than all the rest.
This mighty robot will pass the test
Oh we'll endear him, Oh we'll cheer him
The amazing Astro Boy.
When you need someone strong
Our robot friend is there before long
Astro Boy, Astro Boy
He will try to right any wrong.
When there's danger nearby
No matter, who, what, where, when or why
He will defend us.  He'll befriend us
The amazing Astro Boy.
Astro Soars   Come and join us in our melody
A song of happiness for you and me
Dream of joys, sing about a boy
Name of hero Astro Boy.
Come and join us in our fantasy
We can all be heroes you and me
Dream of joys, sing about a boy.
Name of hero Astro Boy.
Trying not to wait so long
So tune in for a fight for life
Strong as steel with a heart of gold
Dream of love and all your heartfelt voices will be heard
Sharing dreams and bringing joy to all.
in space astro lands astro dives astro3
dr boyton tobio
Doctor Boyton (Tenma) the father of
Toby (Tobio) and the Head of the
Ministry of Science.
He creates Astro in the likeness of
Toby after Toby's death.
  Toby (Tobio) is killed in a
tragic car accident.
    jump dr elefun        
Jump was Toby's pet dog.  Jump
eventualy accepts Astro as his new
master and they become close friends.
Dr Elephun (Prof.Ochanomizu)
Becomes the Head of the
Ministry of Science after Doctor
Boyton is fired. He rescues
Astro from the Robot Circus.
    mom and pop daddy walrus      

Astro's parents, built by Doctor
Elephun.  They are know as "Mom"
and "Dad".

Daddy Walrus is Astro's
school teacher. He is also a good friend of Dr. Elephun.
His real name is Albert Duncan.
    uran guiss                
Uran is Astro's sister. Dr. Elephun
created her as a gift to Astro.
Guiss is an evil scientist. He
created Atlas and Livian from
plans he stole from the Ministry
of science.
    youngatlas adultatlas      
Atlas wasm created a short time after Astro.  His creation included the "Omega Factor" which made Atlas
capable of evil deeds.
Atlas rebels against his master  and rebuilts himself to be more powerful. He lives in a Crystal Castle with Livian.
livian inspector
Livian is Atlas' companion but isn't
like him.  She discovers that Astro
and Atlas are brothers
Inspector Gumshoe is Head of
the Tokyo Police Department.
    mandrake mcclaw
Mandrakd IV is the son of the
infamous Mandrake. His motto is
"Get everything I want".
Chief McClaw
    skunk1 hamegg  
Skunk an escaped criminal, deter-
mined to destroy Astro.

Hamegg the cruel ringmaster
of the Robot Circus which Dr
Elephun rescued Astro from.