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76. The Mad Beltway
Tobia Toggle suggest that air cars can be used for public transportation. Dr Elefun wants to design a beltway for vehicles. Envious Toggle tries to destroy the beltway.

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77.  The Terrible Time Gun
Dr Tempo invents a gun that can blow anything back in time. Dr Elefun and Astro Boy travel back to the 12th century.
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78. The Space Princess
A Princess from the planet, Chaos, comes to Earth to obtain Supernatural powers. The Princess is soon captured by the evil Wanikawa.




79.  Mighty Microbe Army
Astro Boy and Mr Pompous enter inside the body of a man by using a matter shrinking agent/
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80.  Horrible King Horrid
King Horrid rules the Happless Empire. Freedom loving humans and robots revolt against the cruel king.
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81.  Mystery of The Amless Dam
A feud between humans and robots is sparked when a robot child and a human child began fighting.

82.  Galeom From Galaxy G
A fireball crashes into the Egyptian desert. It is actually a giant robot known as Galeom. He is revived by a bolt of lighting.

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83.  The Three Robotiers
Three swashbuckling robots, un, duex and trois, were created by a French scientist, Dr Bonbon. The three robots along with Astro Boy set out to fight Space Pirates.

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84.Brother Jetto
Dr. Tenma   created Jetto, a prototype to Astro Boy. Jetto is thrown out with the trash and must find his way back. He encounters some criminals along the way.



85.  Angel of The Alps
Professor Angus Muse moves to the Alps to raise his granddaughter. Astro tries to convince the professor to return to his work as a scientist.


86.  Magic Punch Card
An  electronic brain runs a fully automated missle base. Yaholov, a resentful scientist tries to sabatage the base.
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87.  The Great Rocket Robbery
A Dr Akta wishes to steal gold ingot from Mars. He enlist the help of a robot named Future.


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88.  Contest in Space
Astro Boy chases down the safe-cracker, Scrap. Astro and Scrap are captured by the magic ring of the planet Rohan. Astro competes in a contest representing Earth.


89.  Gift of Zeo
The mysterious robot Zeo wreaks buildings under construction. All the while Zeo awaits the opening of a time capsule.
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90.  A Deep, Deep Secret
Jetto is held prisoner by Columbubu of Chombo. A kingdom deep, deep inside the Earth.

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