black and white epsodes
  46.  The Phantom Spaceship
The Phantom Ship is an all robot spaceship.  Captain Olga tries to force Astro into building a phanton ship for her.  She wants to use it as a weapon.
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47.  The Gigantic Space Crab
Men from the planet Gip Gip exchange and animal specimen.  A giant space crab for an Earth specimen, a small pig.  The Crab escapes and wreaks havoc on Earth.  Astro Boy to the rescue!
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48.  The Great Space Horse
A boy named Yatata, from the planet Popilioi, arrives on Earth to go to school. He brings his space horse, Davalon. Gangsters steal the horse for the circus.




49.  3 D Tee Vee
At the introduction of 3D TV a strange fog emerges for the screen. Turns out to be Rockar. Trapped in mid transition years prior, while attempting to transport to another location. 
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50.  Westward, Ha!
Astro Boy, Dr Elefun and Mr pompous search for a missing boy named Heck. They travel back in time to rescue him.s
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51.  Jimbo The Great
Astro Boy, in Darkest Africia, searches for the Herd of orphaned Jimbo, a baby elephant.
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52.  Snow Lion
A snow blankets the Earth. This snow disables electronics, etc.. It is found to consists of billions of microscopic animals.

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53.  Dogma Palace
A robot from the "Supernatural Genghis Khan Empire" asks for Astro Boy's help. The people of the Empire are oppressed.
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54.  The Man-Made Iceberg
Dr Harold Hart, an Icelandia scientist, has built a secret labotatory in a Man-Made Iceberg. Evil Doc Cheddar black mails the scientist, saying his has an artifical Sun which can destroy Icelandia.


55.  Vampire Vale
Tick and Tock get lost in a strange village.  They spend the night in a old castle.  Astro Boy comes to the rescue, once again.


56.  The Terrrible Tidal Wave
New neighbors for Astro Boy and a tidal wave caused by an underground volcano.
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57.  Vikings
Vikings from outer space. Astro Boy becomes a special member of the Space Patrol.


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58.  The Devil Doll
Happy Klaus thinks no one is buying his old fashioned toys so he creates the Devil Doll. Astro and Astro Girl are locked in a department store, after hours.


59.  Dinosaur Dilemma
Professor Al Kemmy creates real dinosaurs. A Pterodactyl kidnaps a boy.
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60.  The Clock Tower Mystery
Astro Girls sneaks into a clock-tower and is soon captured.

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